Sarah Peyton teachesThe programme is a journey on the self-discovery path as well as the path of holding others in warm and gentle empathy. The pace and intensity will be adjusted to the participants as we want every participant to get as much out of our days together as possible. We hope for the ripple effect that all of us become touched by this revolutionary work and will pass it on to others and let it impact our families and communities.

Curriculum Details

Day 1: Hemispheres and Neuroplasticity

  • Introduction to the hemispheres
  • Left and right hemisphere language
  • Nonviolent Communication, needs and the hemispheres
  • Neuroplastic timing and learning

Day 2: Warmth and Feelings and Needs

  • The importance of warmth
  • The hemispheres and warmth
  • Working with feelings and needs
  • Emotions in the body
  • Distinguishing needs from strategies

Day 3: Conflict and the Hemispheres

  • The left hemisphere: strategies, blame and details
  • Blame vs mourning
  • Body sensations and nuanced feelings
  • Faux Feelings and decoding blame

Day 4: Right Hemisphere Resonant and Relational Language

  • Right hemisphere language
  • Acknowledgment
  • Understanding happiness and joy

Day 5: Grief and Celebration in Relationship

  • Resonating with grief
  • Landscape of grief
  • Moving into celebration




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