Lecture 24th September

Free lecture in Warsaw 24th of September:

Meet your Default Network:

The Neuroscience of the Brain’s Automatic Voice

Portrait of Sarah Peyton

It took scientists a number of years to realize that the white noise they were seeing in their studies of the brain had recognizable patterns and was serving a purpose.

Join Sarah Peyton to learn about the automatic
voice that everyone carries within them, including:
– Recognizing the automatic voice
– Understanding how trauma might turn this voice against us
– Learning to respond to this voice with empathy

We invite you to take this rare opportunity to join Sarah Peyton, international neuroscience educator and author, for an exploration of the way our brains speak to us when we don’t pay attention. Filled with stories, cutting-edge neuroscience research, and strange facts about your body, Sarah’s talks are fun, informative and useful.

You will learn about resonance, and how it is possible to turn the automatic voice in your head into a gentle mode.

Venue and time:

ul. Jagiellońska 57/59, 03-301 Warsaw, Poland

16.00-18.00. Please arrive 15 minutes before in order to find the auditorium.

About Sarah Peyton: As CNVC Certified Trainer, she lectures on the synthesis of neuroscience and communication.  She is delighted by the self-compassion that arises from a practice of Nonviolent Communication.  By  understanding how language and resonance change our brains, we heal trauma and give ourselves new energy, well-being and choice.

She is a college faculty member, and is published internationally.  Her work focuses on how we hear and understand one another, effective ways to connect hearts, and developing self-compassion and clarity.  Her passion is watching people’s self-understanding deepen into warmth.


2 thoughts on “Lecture 24th September

  1. Hi I would love to join the lecture on 24.th of Sept. When can I enroll? When you will announce the venue?
    Thanks, Joanna

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