Costs and duration


The workshops begins on the 11th of September 2019 at 14.00.

The daily workshop hours from 12th September are:

  • 9.00-9.30 Q & A on facilitation of Family Constellations
  • 9.30-13.00 workshop hours
  • Lunch
  • 14.00-18.30 empathy groups and workshop hours
  • Dinner
  • 19.30-22.00 constellations led by Sarah

The workshop ends at 13.00 on the 16th September.

How much?Two women in conversation

We are aware that the level of living costs as well as the wages are very different in Central/ Eastern and Western Europe. We have chosen Poland as our hosting country because of the opportunity it gives us to offer low accommodation costs compared to Western Europe close to an international airport, and because of the huge interest in Nonviolent Communication in Poland.

In an attempt to set fair prices for everybody, the tuition costs are lower for Polish (and other Central/ Eastern European) residents than for Western Europeans.


  • Western European residents, 1000 € (after 1st March  2019; 1.200 €)
  • Polish or Eastern European residents, 750 € (after 1st March; 950 €)
  • Couples signing up together get 10 % discount for both
  • Are you in doubt? Contact us.

The prices include VAT. If you are VAT registered in EU outside of Poland, let us know.

The price does NOT include payment for use of the facilities and accomodation, please see below.

Registration is open!

Scholarships available.  We are happy to offer a few partial scholarships to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to join. If you want to apply for partial scholarship, please write an email to us and let us know:

  • Your financial situation
  • How you want to use this work
  • In what other ways you have tried to raise the money, and
  • In what ways you would like to support us in manifesting this workshop.

Other ways you can reduce your costs:

  • Click couchsurfing  and find a place to stay nearby.
  • Bring your own food.
  • Do crowdfunding. People are often willing to support if you give them a picture of how your new skills will support the communities you are working with.
  • Ask your workplace for support.

Accommodation and use of the premises

Accommodation and use of the premises are to be paid directly to the venue Rajszew  Project during your stay and these are your options:

  • Full vegetarian board. Bed in multiperson room (180 Zl / day)
  • No accomodation, full food (110 Zl /day)
  • No full food and no accomodation except coffeeand tea which you make yourself costs 20 Zl /day plus any single meals:
    • No accomodation, breakfast (30 Zl /day)
    • No accomodation, midday hot meal (40 Zl / day)
    • No accomodation, dinner meal (30 Zl /day)
  • Special dietary requests? Indicate it on the enrollment form and we will contact you. Please note that dietary requests that requires extra cooking will be due to 20 % extra charge.

Enrolling and payment

You are now two steps from being signed up:

  1. Fill in the enrollment form here.
  2. Pay your deposit of 250 €/ 1.000 zł. See the payment options here.


Sign up here

Your personal data:

We want to assure you that your data is only shared in the admin group and we will only keep them for as long as we actively need them. If at any time you want us to delete your data, simply ask us and we’ll do it within a few working days (but please don’t request this if you are still intending to join the training!).

We also want you to know that Google have not yet (30th May 2018) complied to the GPDR regarding their free services which this form is part of, but we expect them to do so soon. If this leaves you unsettled, please write us your info in an email instead and we will still be able to track you (even though it’s a bit more work and provides less overview for us).


One thought on “Costs and duration

  1. What if any arrangements can be made for US residents wanting to attend?

    Reply: Feel free to attend, wherever you are from! What are your concerns?

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