Costs and duration

The workshops begin at 14.30 on the first day and end at 13.00 at the last day.

You sign up for each of the two training weeks separately. You can join one of them or the other, or both; if you want to follow the facilitation track in the 2nd module, participation in the 1st module is a prerequisite.

We are aware that the level of living costs as well as the wages are very different in Eastern and Western Europe. For this reason, we’ve chosen Poland as our hosting country.

In an attempt to set fair prices for everybody, the tuition costs are lower for Polish (and other Eastern European) residents than for Western Europeans.

Tuition – this counts for each of the two

  • Western European residents, 1050 € (after 15th June; 1.200 €)
  • Polish or Eastern European residents, 860 € (after 15th June; 1010 €)
  • Are you in doubt? Contact us.

The prices include VAT. If you are VAT registered in EU outside of Poland, let us know.

Deadline for signing up: for the 1st workshop: 1st of August. For the 2nd workshop: 1st of April 2018. Early bird for 2nd workshop expires 15th Feb 2018.

The scholarship option is closed now due to big interest. We are happy to have accomodated half a dozen of applicants who will take this work into communities we otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

Other ways you can reduce your costs:

  • Click couchsurfing  and find a place to stay nearby
  • Bring your own food
  • Do crowdfunding. People are often willing to support if you give them a picture of how your new skills will support the communities you are working with.


Accomodation is to be paid directly to the venue Rajszewproject and these are the options:

  • Full vegetarian board. Bed in multiperson room (170 Zl / day)
  • No accomodation, full food (100 Zl /day)
  • No full food and no accomodation (40 Zl /day) plus single meals:
  • No accomodation, breakfast (30 Zl /day)
  • No accomodation, midday hot meal (40 Zl / day)
  • No accomodation, dinner meal (30 Zl /day)
  • Special dietary requests? We will contact you. Please note that dietary requests that requires extra cooking will be due to extra charge.

When you fill in your enrollment form, we will ask you about your accommodation and food choices.

Enrolling and payment

You’ll find the enrollment form for the 1st workshop – Sept 2017 (here)

And for the 2nd workshop May 2018 (here) (if you join the first and sign up for the 2nd workshop before 10th  October, you will receive the bonus of monthly teleclasses between the modules).

A deposit of 250 € is neccessary to secure your seat. There are two payment options:

There are two ways for payment:

  • 2)      Via bank transfer to:

Master Coach Bartosz Berendt
Zmyslona 2, 03-289 Warsaw, Poland
Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A., ul. Senatorska 16, 00-923 Warszawa
Bank account:      62 1030 1582 0000 0008 5351 5019
SWIFT/BIC:             CITIPLPX,
IBAN:                        PL 62 1030 1582 0000 0008 5351 5019

Write your name and ‘Sarah Peyton’ on the transfer.

Make sure the transfer costs will be debited your account. Our budget does not allow us to pay the transaction fees for you. If a transaction cost is subtracted from the amount we receive, we will let you know before the remaining balance is due.

The balance of the 1st workshop is due on the 5th of August 2017.

Sign up here for Sept 2017!

Sign up here for May 2018

One thought on “Costs and duration

  1. What if any arrangements can be made for US residents wanting to attend?

    Reply: Feel free to attend, wherever you are from! What are your concerns?

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