Grief & Wisdom

Navigating the Huge Traumas of Present Time with Grief, Wisdom and Joy

Warsaw, 8-13 April 2022

Without grief, we cannot move into our full joy. Without grief, we cannot claim wisdom. With acknowledgment of the truths of our time and how they impact us, we can claim our fullest measure of delight and enjoyment of life and each other.

We are up against more enormous and difficult world events than we have ever experienced before: the climate crisis, the death of the world’s ecosystems, an increasing flow of people seeking refuge from heat and war, the aftermath of decimated economies and of a global pandemic, and growing movements toward charismatic and fundamentalist leaders.

What is a soul to do in such times?

Many people believe that the answer is not to look, but this robs us of our agency and keeps us distracted and in our addictions.

Join Sarah for five days of exploration of collective trauma, it’s impact on us, and the strange new joy that is birthed from really seeing our world and what is happening to it. We will be supported in our mourning, recognize the beauty of each body’s wisdom, and open to joyful presence.

During this workshop, participants will:

  • Honor the past of families and ancestors
  • Do reclamation work to free ancestors from the traumas of history
  • Release the contracts that keep us suspended away from the world
  • Be supported to walk with consciousness and eyes open, rather than eyes closed
  • Transform enemy images to expand the possibilities of beloved community
  • Take away supportive processes to navigate despair and grief
  • Live into a new relationship with the possibility of deep, unshakeable joy

This workshop is aimed at people who have foundational knowledge of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and who have studied with Sarah before, either through physical trainings or online workshops. If you would like to attend but don’t know NVC, or haven’t got any former experience with Sarah, connect with us and we will support you to get ready before course start.

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