Resonant Healing Work

through Nonviolent Communication,  Neurobiology and Systemic work

Online certification course with Sarah Peyton

 3 – 7 September 2020  |  14-18 May 2021  |  21-23 June 2021

Do you love Sarah Peyton’s deep healing work?

Would you love to embody and spread this work – in your family, your professional work and within yourself?

Or are you eager to get into a joyful contact with your body and become warm and accepting towards yourself?

The importance of this work

Many of us believe we are our to-do lists and accomplishments, and measure our worth by what we are able to do, or our lack of worth by how far we have fallen behind. Would you love to have a taste of who you would be if you were fully supported, both by self and by others? And support others on this journey?

Based on the book Your Resonant Self, (Norton Publishing, September 2017), this online retreat will take you through the foundational understandings, skills and steps needed to nurture a practice of self-warmth.

On top of this, Sarah will use Family Constellations as a gateway to explore and open to a deeper understanding of how we relate to ourselves, to our history and to one another. If you are a Family Constellation facilitator, expect inspiration and deepening.

Three retreats will equip you to work with others from this approach. The first module in September 2020 focuses on getting to know your default network, and becoming acquainted with all the blocks and openings to your self-connection. It will be very experiential, with lots of movement and sweetness. The second retreat in May has its focus on working with others. The third module in June focuses on assessment as practitioner of Resonant Healing Work.

Between the modules, students will engage in peer exchange, further learning about neurobiology, and practice with clients outside of the programme.

Certification as Practitioner of Resonant Healing Work

After these three modules, participants will be able to facilitate trauma-informed healing conversations which they can use as a supplement to their current professions, to understand what kinds of neural growth they want to support, how to support that growth, and what timing of healing and neural change they can anticipate.

After the course, they can call themselves – dependent on their profession: Resonant healing coach. Resonant healing facilitator. Resonant healing nurse. Resonant healing dentist. Resonant healing psychotherapist.

Everyone can participate in this programme. Certification as resonant healing practitioner is for those who already work professionally or in other ways committed with others and who already hold some years’ experience in their field of profession. Read the full description of the certification programme here. If you have questions, please contact us.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Those struggling with a sense of aloneness – for those who have an ongoing sense of being alone, even in relationship, this course is for you! We’ll explore why the instrumental brain tends to leave us stuck and unchanging in response to the world.
  • Nonviolent Communication Practitioners – for those already familiar with the NVC concepts of feelings and needs, this course expands into a thorough exploration of the brain science behind relational choices, and how to support full relational integration with language and constellations.
  • Neurobiology Enthusiasts – if you’ve ever wondered how the brain responds to relationship, and how to make choices to maximize neuroplasticity and learning, this course is for you.
  • Mental Health Practitioners, Healers and Coaches – In order to support your client’s access to movement and healing, it’s critical to understand how we can choose relational space.

Read  about Sarah, about online retreats, or the certification programme, or contact the organizers

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